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I asked question which was here: http://

When I refreshed it last time it has 2 votes to "close". But it has 2 answers and 2 comments and if it was deleted specially then it's very bad feature.

BUT, if it's a bug, then the TEST CASE is:

  1. Create question
  2. I don't know is it important but it had 2 answers, 2 votes for "close", one comment to the question and one my comment to the answer
  3. Question was edited and saved 1 time (I dont think that it's important)
  4. From the question I has created another question i.e. I clicked "Ask Question" not from main page but from my question
  5. First question disappeared and the new question is here
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Was merged with another question as it is identical (dupe)

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Then I think some kind of notification should be introduced because I don't know what's happend with my question, my comment and where to find them.. – Roman Aug 23 '09 at 15:47

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