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Is there a way to contest, if I don't agree with the migration of my question?

More specifically, I recently posted a question about reading a PDF file with Poppler to retrieve given information. However, as this question deals with a PDF file generated by LaTeX, it was migrated to TeX group. I don't agree with that move, since my question really is about programming. What should I do with that?

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You can yell at a wall, or yell at a mod. You will fare better yelling at the wall, though. – Grammar Feb 7 '13 at 17:07

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You can contest a migration by posting on Meta, which you've already done.

You can also flag your migrated question. That's generally preferred - less noise for everyone. Click the flag link just below the tags in your question, select "other", and describe why you think your question shouldn't have been migrated.

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