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We've accumulated quite a few tags related to crypto. Several are just useless, some are ambiguous, and some are lacking hyphens.

Which should we kill, merge or rename?

- merge into [encryption]

- merge into [encryption]

- rename to asymmetric-encryption?

- merge with

rename to symmetric-encryption?

- merge into

- add hyphens

- add hyphens

- I dislike this tag

- retag individually, probably to obfuscation

- keep

- merge with digital-signature

- possibly merge with digital-signature. Might have a slightly different meaning, including digitalized normal signatures.

- merge with digital-signature

- vague, merge on case-by-case basic

- perhaps merge into public-key-cryptography

- a bit ambiguous sometimes used for the private half of an asymmetric key, sometimes for the key in a symmetric scheme

- similar to private key

- vague, kill

- used both in a crypto and in a hashtable context

- It's rare to salt hashes that aren't password hashes

- vague, retag to [hash] or something more specific. Often used for .net's HashAlgorithm class

- keep

- often abused for cases where password-hashes should be used

- retag to [encryption-symmetric] if encryption related. But some are symmetric-crypto but not symmetric encryption

- retag to [encryption-symmetric] if encryption related

One issue: encryption vs. cryptography

For example there is public-key-cryptography aka asymmetric-cryptography (no tags) which includes encryption, authentication and signatures. But we only have tags for public-key-encryption. Similar problems with other symmetric crypto that isn't symmetric encryption.

Related question: What is the difference between the cryptography and encryption tags?

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@BilltheLizard [encrypt] and [decryption] are already synonyms of [encryption], but [decrypt] isn't. I see little gain in having a separate tag for decryption. There may be minor differences, but in practice it just means that questions are randomly splattered over a several tags. – CodesInChaos Feb 9 '13 at 16:01
My mistake. Carry on. – Bill the Lizard Feb 9 '13 at 16:02

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Current status of progress made:

(will edit in more as I make progress)

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