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I am new to this website although I have encountered it many times for programming (SO) support. Is it possible to get sub categories within a tag? Please direct me if that ability is already there.

e.g. I look at C# and I want to see C# related theoritical questions, practical or random questions.

  • C# to SQL Server connections
  • C# serialization/deserialization
  • Basics of C#
  • C# OOP concepts
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You have several options:

  1. Multiple tags page will bring only questions tagged with all the given tags. For example, + will give this result.

  2. Search within a specific tag, e.g. search for "OOP concepts" in questins tagged with will give you this.

Other than this there isn't really "sub categories" for tags unless of course there is separate tag e.g. which is for questions targetted for the specific version 4.0 of C#.

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Thank you for the two options. Yes I noticed system has been doing that automatically. If I am on C# and click on another tag. I got questions under C# then by secondary tag. I also noticed that tags appear in the right hand side of the SO page is actually named as related tags :) – aspiring Feb 12 '13 at 8:04
Yes indeed, you noticed right. :-) – Shadow Wizard Feb 12 '13 at 8:06

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