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I recently got a StackExchange data dump over HTTP . It has all stackexchange data till September 2011. I have been trying to process the XML files to do some elementary analysis and it turns out that one of the questions, that has an "AcceptedAnswerId", does have have the actual answer in the XML file. Let me explain.

Site in question : Android\ Enthusiasts

Problem : I have a question ID which says , "AcceptedAnswerId" = 13045.

<row Id="11503" PostTypeId="1" AcceptedAnswerId="13045" CreationDate="2011-07-15T13:47:30.913" 

I removed the rest of the stuff for brevity. But, the row ID 13045 is not part of the posts.xml file :(

Rohits-MacBook-Pro:Scripts rohitdholakia$ tail -n 2 ../Content/Android\ Enthusiasts/posts.xml 
  <row Id="12961"

What am I missing ? Should I go by parent IDs and not by question IDs ?

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I guess one way is to go in the reverse direction. For each answer, check the parent ID and check if the answer ID matches acceptedAnswerID. But, that will mean a lot more comparisons than necessary . – crazyaboutliv Feb 12 '13 at 8:31

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