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I mean the the topics which I have started, that is whole topics not my posts only.

For example a situation when someone answers my question some time ago, but since then I forgotten the whole thing but remember some words from that answer. I could spend a day walking across my posts. Also I know that I can put a filter for particular user, here user:me but in this case I would only find my text.

The situation that arose here so I'm asking this is that I remember someone answering for a unrelated question gave me a tip of useful gcc parameters additional to -Wall. I didn't asked for it so I don't know in what topic to look for it and who was that. Now I must search all my topics for this keyword but exclude my own writing.

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With a username like yours, Google is your friend. But for others, this is indeed much harder! – Arjan Feb 12 '13 at 21:58

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