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Wouldn't it be great if you could write text both as normal and fixed-font in the same message. In that way a discussion could avoid sometimes being fragmented.

ie. let's say I have a question/issue I want to discuss in the chat, and I want to supply some code to give an example. I would like to be able to write something like the following:

Is there any way to write this better?

public string convert(int number)
   return "this is the number " + number;

Yes, it's a very lame example, and the code font size could possibly be smaller (preferably the same as the standard code fonts in the chat). And maybe there shouldn't have to be a double enter as in the these questions (to make the text a little more compact).

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Why not do this as two separate messages? Chat isn't Q&A: it's expected that the conversation will flow, so there's no need to post large messages all in one go. In fact, chat is specifically designed to avoid large blocks of text.

As Marc Gravel said,

Chat is a conversation, not a blog, and not a lecture auditorium. If you are writing paragraph after paragraph before submitting it, then frankly you're not using it for chat.

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