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This user on Stack Overflow has Google Plus link under their user profile's Website attribute. URL is displayed only as a text and not actual link to their Google Plus Profile. I pasted the same URL on a browser address bar and it seems to be a valid URL. When I viewed the page source, I found the URL is simply displayed within <td></td>


I even tried pasting the above URL on my profile and it did display the link correctly. When I pasted the text, http:// was automatically prefixed to make it a valid URL on my profile. This tells me it is not necessary to have http:// before the URL text.

Why isn't this URL not recognized as a valid one for this user and displayed as such on the user profile?

Screenshot of the link appearance on the user's profile:

User Profile Website link issue

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http:// missing? – SeanC Feb 18 '13 at 19:02
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It's an anti-spam thing, an undocumented part of the new user restrictions.

The url was converted to an actual link just after the user passed the 10 reputation points threshold (and went back to text when the user went under the threshold).

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