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I added the "osx" tag to a question. Nothing else.

It shows that the "colors" tag was removed, and then re-added. What gives? Wouldn't it make sense to show it like this?

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Yeah, I've noticed weird stuff like this too. Saying I've messed with stuff I didn't touch. – ɥʇǝS Feb 18 '13 at 19:56
Looks like the diff algo is a bit greedy. Not sure there is much we can do about it. – Oded Feb 18 '13 at 19:56
@Oded Well, if it's not worth the effort completely rewriting the diff algorithm, so be it :) – slhck Feb 18 '13 at 19:59
Ah, unintended side effect of this. – balpha Feb 18 '13 at 20:03
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This was an unintended consequence of this fix, where the "prepend a space" cheat (that's the "Jeff" case near the bottom of that post) was too eager. Fixed in the next build.

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