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I posted a question on Stack Overflow and it was soon closed as off-topic. My question is why was it closed as off-topic? Especially since to my understanding, it's "a question about software tools commonly used by programmers". I understand it's just how SO works, so no whining from me, just being curious.

Additional bonus: I see there are many people here on Meta asking just that. Wouldn't it be convenient to place a small explanation when voting to close a question, visible to the OP? (Like the comments when editing)

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Personally I see no reason to close this as off-topic, I've voted to reopen ("Too localized" I could kind-of understand). – Joachim Sauer Feb 19 '13 at 12:44
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Git is a programming tool. Eclipse is a programming tool. Programming tools are on-topic on Stack Overflow, I would consider the closure of this question as erroneous and I have voted to reopen.

And the users voting to close are free to (and encouraged) add a comment explaining why they voted to close, in cases where the stock close reason is not sufficient.

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Isn't it better to notify the closers of their mistake? Because they'll just keep closing such questions unless someone will tell them otherwise. – Shadow Wizard Feb 19 '13 at 13:08

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