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I was reviewing some suggested edits, when suddenly I was informed that I failed an audit. I totally understand that there are audits, I have seen them before, but in this case I did not review that post, or hit the Approve button -- I received the "audit failed" notice without first receiving that same post for review. So, either there is a bug with the audit, or some IDs got mixed up or something. The only non-bug related situation I can think of is that somehow the Approve button was pressed without me even noticing, which I would say is also a bug.

It might be nothing, but I felt a duty to make a report; maybe others have had wrong audits hit them too.

(Another possibly similar bug)

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I don't think this is the same bug (which is good if they thought they fixed it 2 years ago), since in this case your Activity tab shows that you approved it and in that case the Audit page and the Activity page showed opposite actions. – Wooble Feb 19 '13 at 16:39

Given the timing, it does appear that this was unintentional - right now, we're gonna blame your ISP.

If this happens again, let me know.

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Thank you for the information. Glad to hear its not a bug of yours. – Inbar Rose Feb 20 '13 at 9:52

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