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It seems that editing a question will push the question back on top of the "active" stack. Is there a minimum amount of editing required to push it on top, or will people be able to abuse the system by just adding a comma, a space, etc, to have their question always visible?

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Edits have minimum change requirements, but in general, even minor edits are "activity". I don't see this as a particular problem, though. – Dave Newton Feb 20 '13 at 1:31
Note that there's a record of every edit you make. That makes it pretty easy to see when you're gaming the system this way, and we don't regard this as acceptable behavior. I've had a few conversations with people about this, and they all stopped it right away. – Brad Larson Feb 20 '13 at 2:15

While there is a minimum edit size, it's pretty small, and it does always push the post back to the top of the list. However, there is already a partial safe-guard against abuse here. See What are "Community Wiki" posts?

How does a post become a Community Wiki post?

There are several ways a question or answer can enter community wiki mode, and most of these ways will occur automatically based on the rules of the system.

Posts enter community wiki mode when one of the following happens:

  • ...
  • The post has been edited ten (10) times by the original owner.
  • ...


Voting on a community wiki post (up or down) does not affect any user's reputation.

So if you edit your post 10 times (not including a short grace period right after posting), it becomes Community Wiki and you no longer receive reputation. This is a disincentive for editing too much.

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gd...................................................................... – saidesh kilaru Feb 20 '13 at 9:21

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