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In the answer to Can we have click-to-close back, please?, two of the "New error styles" listed are:

  • Error, require action – These will be red and will need to be either manually closed or they will be closed automatically when we detect that the problem is solved (standard errors)
  • Error, no action required – These will be red and will fade out after one second. No manual closing will be required (time-limited throttling errors)

I noticed that the comment voting time-throttle error (shown below) is of the former type, requiring a manual close. However, as this is a throttling error, shouldn't it be of the latter type, automatically disappearing?

enter image description here

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Yes, and we are working on this one and others.

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Ah, didn't realize this was still a work-in-progress. Thanks. – Ben Lee Feb 21 '13 at 19:44

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