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I wanted to find answers which included the word NSTokenField, but whose question did not have that term in the title. (I was looking for a "what is this UI element"-type question as a dupe target).

I used this search: nstokenfield is:answer -title:nstokenfield and ended up with lots of answers to questions with NSTokenField in both the title and the answer's body.

enter image description here

Am I expecting too much from the search? Is there another way to accomplish this effect? This obviously isn't possible with Google, because it doesn't distinguish between title and body, let alone questions and answers.

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You can use body:NSTokenField to specify it should specifically appear in the body of a post:

body:NSTokenField -title:NSTokenField is:answer isaccepted:yes

I've added isaccepted:yes for convenience


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I'm still seeing a few titles with the word, but these are good enough results! Not using body: was definitely the oversight I was having. – Josh Caswell Feb 22 '13 at 4:29

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