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By clicking on the Unanswered button from the homepage, a list of tags appears on the right side, with what I am guessing is the number of unanswered questions next to it.

When I click one of those tags, I get a list of unanswered questions with that tag. All is well. A new list of tags appears on the right, presumably a list of tags related to the tag I've clicked on.

There are some tags that appear here, that also appeared on the original unanswered page. There is a substantial difference in the count next to the tags on this page than the original page. I assume it's counting the number of questions that have been tagged with the current tag as well as the second tag. However when I click it, the number of results climbs by a number that is not what was listed by the tag - often close but sometimes off by thousands.

The answer on the following meta question, seems to only apply to all questions, not unanswered questions. when I attempt it on unanswered questions, I get a blank page:

Narrow search by tag

If I visit: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/php+html and click the Unanswered tab, I get what I'm expecting - questions with both tags and no answers.

If I visit http://stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/php+html, I get a list of questions with one or the other tag, and often have (not-upvoted) answers.

My question is: what are those counts by those tags in the unanswered section actually counting?

I have read this: The Unanswered Section vs. the Unanswered Question Tab: A Critique but it relates to the answers on the unanswered questions. My concern is primarily with the tag search.

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