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So over on Super User I noticed a weird big empty space between the title of a question and the actual body of the post:

enter image description here

Chrome dev tools says that it's the following div:

<div class="everyonelovesstackoverflow" id="adzerk1"></div>

I haven't noticed this on any other SE sites. I would have pointed this out on Super User Meta, but since it specifically names Stack Overflow, I brought it here.

So: what's up with the empty div? And shouldn't it be given a site-specific class (everyonelovessuperuser)? Or at least make it network wide (everyonelovesstackexchange)? Or let's just cut to the chase and make it everyoneloveswafflesandunicorns.


So the empty div is addressed. But the main issue remains: why the extra love for Stack Overflow? I mean, I love SO as much as everyone, but don't the other Trilogy sites deserve some action? Every body loves S(O|F|U|E)? I'm still pulling for the waffles and unicorns, but this is still unfair!

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Ads are reduced if you have 200+ rep. This does not seem to be the case for you on SU – juergen d Feb 25 '13 at 14:18
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You are using an adblocker that leaves the div in place but blocks the image.

You have less than 200 rep on SU, so you are still served all advertisements normally. This is what it should look like instead:


Given the title of the post you show, your question is rather ironic. Not only does the server not know you blocked the image, neither did you! :-P

As for the div id everyonelovesstackoverflow; it's an ancient div id. It predates both SuperUser and ServerFault; it is already present on Stack Overflow in February 2009 (SF started April 2009, SU July 2009). If you look at the source of this WayBack Machine archive copy from 2009-02-11 of "Battle of the Languages [closed]" you'll find the id already in use. I guess everybody at SE loves the div name and it stayed, even when first the site expanded to a trinity and later to a multitude.

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But it only occurs on Super User. Every other SE site, even those that I don't have an account on or have <200 rep are unaffected. – mikeTheLiar Feb 25 '13 at 14:23
@mikeTheLiar I think most SE sites don't have advertisements in the first place. – CodesInChaos Feb 25 '13 at 14:26
@mikeTheLiar As I understand it, ads are only shown on the trilogy sites, not the rest of SE. Also, if you have 200 rep on a particular site, then the banner ads won't display at all for you. – chrisaycock Feb 25 '13 at 14:28
@mikeTheLiar: Also, you have 200+ rep in most places. Try ServerFault, you have < 200 there too. On the other sites you have enough rep for those ads to be removed, and most sites don't have ads (yet) anyway. – Martijn Pieters Feb 25 '13 at 14:28
@MartijnPieters you're right, it's across the Trilogy. – mikeTheLiar Feb 25 '13 at 14:29

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