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I have just suggested a tag wiki. After the page loads I see that I made a typo, so I hit Edit Tag Wiki again to fix my minor typo.

When I finally hit Save Edits, I'm redirected to a page without any layout saying:

But this kind of message should be displayed as a red dialog and block the form submission, right?

I've looked to see if any javascript errors appear, but I see nothing strange. I'm just redirected to this almost blank error page.

I haven't tested other case to generate this kind of message, such as posted one comment, then an other one immediately after, etc ...

To reproduce:

  • submit a tag-wiki edit
  • edit it immediately
  • re-submit
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Looks like they just didn't ajaxified everything. :) – Shadow Wizard Feb 26 '13 at 16:03
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This is fixed now: you now get a little red error popup underneath the submit button:

enter image description here

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