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Sometime last week I received a Suffrage and Vox Populi badges on stackoverflow. But the bronze badge counter in my account page and my user card increased by 1, not 2. And now I have a different number of badges in my user card/page header(22 bronze badges) and in the badges tab of my account(23 badges). Here is the screenshot of what it looks like.

Account summary page:

account summary page



Badges tab:

badges tab

I looked at different questions on meta stack, i.e. this one, but they don't seem to explain my situation. And it's been like this for several days now, I got awarded several new badges, but the counter is still 1 off. Is this a bug, or is it supposed to be like this?

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The one is the count of distinct badges. So if you have earned a couple of badges more than once, the count of distinct badges doesn't increase. – Daniel Fischer Feb 26 '13 at 21:12
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You have 3 silver badges and 22 bronze badges, for a total of 25 badges. The badges summary page says you have 23 different badges, meaning that two of them have been repeated.

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Ah, yes, you are right. I misunderstood how the counting works. I will accept your answer in 10 minutes(it won't let me accept it right now) – Anton Cherkashyn Feb 26 '13 at 21:18

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