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I asked "Why has the behavior of `input type="date"` changed?". At the time I thought the issue was a behavior issue, but now know it's a display issue. The original question is still useful, as others looking for this conversation may search for "behavior".

That said, I realize it would be useful to alias the same question as "Why has the display of input type="date" changed?". What's the appropriate way to create such an "alias" question? I suppose I could start a new question, then flag it as a duplicate, but is that optimal? I've read, so I understand that there should be no prejudice against duplicates, still...

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I don't think it will be usefull to create a new question, mark it as duplicate and let it review by 4 people for just one word difference.

I recommend you to change the title to include both words, something like Why has the behaviour/display of input type="date" changed?
Or don't change anything, because the word "display" is already used 11 times on that page, meaning that Google will definitely mark that as an important keyword.

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So "there is no appropriate way to create an alias question"? – Jeromy French Feb 27 '13 at 20:52
I don't there is one. – Wouter J Feb 27 '13 at 21:35

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