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Today (Wednesday) I flagged a question for the following reason (names anonymized) :

Most probably again a double account of user **** (*/**). This question uses the same wording and same data like one posted by by a user named "*" at matlab central:**. This time, however, the questions are not identical but the similarity is still intriguing.

The flag got declined with the following justification:

declined - as long as no cross voting etc is involved having multiple accounts is not forbidden

However, before flagging I searched MSO for the SO double account policy and got the impression that double accounts are not permitted (see for instance, here: User with double account).

Moreover, when I flagged a potential double account two days earlier (on Monday), the flag got approved and the accounts in question were merged (it was the same user, by the way).

So, why is having a double account allowed on Wednesdays but not on Mondays?

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There are no rules against having more than one account.

There are rules against using another account to break the rules. No sock-puppeting, voting rings or ban evasions allowed.

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