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When you view flagged posts on the 10K tools page, it appears that the 50 items are selected at random. As the result, I see answers with eight "not an answer" flags, along with answers that have only one such flag. This may be suboptimal: the more identical flags an item has, the smaller is the value that I could add by seconding the existing flagger's opinion.

I think that it would be better to add weights to the flagged items for the purpose of selecting them for the 10K review: the more flags an item has, the fewer times it should make it to someone's review queue. It may also make sense to drop answers with 4+ identical flags from the 10K queue: these are nearly certainly the "mee too" garbage, so you can just let them sit before the moderators get to it, without asking for additional confirmation of what's already obvious.

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The flag weight of the flaggers might also usefully be taken into account for this. A flag from an 800 FW user perhaps doesn't need to be reviewed by a 10ker, but can go straight to the moderators. – Josh Caswell Feb 28 '13 at 18:54

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