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Like many people, I rely on plugins such as Superfish, Nivo Slider, Google Charts, etc. for Web design.

Which Stackexchange site is the best to ask customization questions on these plugins? I am not talking about writing code (in which case Stackoverflow would be my choice), I am just talking about questions on the out of the box configuration options, or alternatives to a given plugin.

I have found older, similar questions, but people seem to have divergent opinions. I'd like to know the "official line" (I tagged this question "support", not "discussion").

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First and foremost: Stack Exchange isn't a forum. It's a network of Question and Answer sites. They are fundamentally different from forums. (Check the FAQ and the /about pages for more information on that). Now that we got that out of the way:

I think your best bet is on Web Masters, that's assuming the plugin discussion is web-based, and you're looking for extra configurations or settings.

If you're interested in extending them code-wise, Stack Overflow is the place for you.

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Point taken, I have removed the term "forum" from the question. – Christophe Feb 28 '13 at 18:46
Actually even though this site isn't a internet forum, it is still a forum as in a place for discussion. So I wouldn't go all bold on people for using such a term. – daramarak Feb 28 '13 at 22:21

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