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I've just noticed . It doesn't have any Wiki entry and I've gone through the 41 questions that have it. All the questions either mention ascending in the title, or in the question itself. All questions would have enough context from remaining tags and content, and a couple of questions are actually about descending which doesn't have a tag. So, IMHO, I think this tag should go the way of the Dodo.

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I went ahead and made the bold decision of untagging the 41 questions that had . If anyone disagrees, they can downvote this or go through my edit history and undo it where necessary (I promise not to make any edits for at least several hours, so they're all at the top), but I think it was a safe move.

Blacklisting the tag might not be a bad idea, but if the number of questions with the tag is any indication, it might not be necessary.

There was one question actually about the ascending keyword that might deserve to use the tag in a legitimate way, but I couldn't see having only one: Does ascending keyword exist purely for clarity when used with orderby?

The tag system is always a bit of a mess, and this one was pretty useless. They say if a tag can't stand on it's own, it's not a very good one. Personally I think there should be some kind of MainTag/SubTag system where minor tags like "ascending" and "left-alignment" can have a place, but that's an idea for another day...

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Thanks. I was on the verge of doing the same but: 1) figured it'd be a good idea for people to offer their opinions and 2) it'd be a lot easier for SE to just run a DB query (or use equiv. tools)... Anyway, good job and thank you very much for your time spent – Jon Clements Mar 2 '13 at 10:40

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