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We've been having a discussion on about changes to the faq and one of the suggestions has been to add ## headers to get extra top level header formatting. I've since discovered that this has been done on several sites (eg "What about subjective questions?" and "Who are considered Christians here?", "Can I use comments to discuss the topic of a post?").

The slight technical downside is that although the headings appear in the sidebar as links, they all link to the entire "What kind of questions can I ask here?" section.

I can see the benefit of being able to separate out different kinds of FAQ information under headings, but I'm not sure about taking advantage of a work-around to achieve this, because:

  1. the faq is supposed to be simple so perhaps being forced under a single heading is good discipline for keeping it short
  2. the idea of using a 'slightly broken' technique makes me uneasy: if we really need extra headings shouldn't that be achieved with a feature request and persuading SE of the need instead?

So, are using custom ## headings in a site FAQ a good idea or bad idea, or is that just something each site needs to decide for itself?

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My vote is "let each site decide for itself," as the site will have a general attitude about it anyways and the FAQ will reflect that energy. – jcolebrand Mar 6 '13 at 20:01

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