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I asked two question on the Play Framework.

Good, idiomatic way to refactor out business logic from controllers and JSON parsing with Play: why is a list being parsed this way?

I noticed that one user has edited the questions to "Added playframework-2.0 and scala tags" on one question and with "playframework-2.1" on the other. Reviewers actually approved this blindly. I actually use 2.0.3 and believe my question is applicable to many past and future releases.

Is there a general guideline to which tag to choose: one spanning across major versions (1.x and 2.x currently), for specific major versions and down to minor versions? Is it okay to overlook actions like his?

Background: The Play Framework allows both Java and Scala code and current production versions are 1.2.* and 2.*. Java and Scala syntaxes are distinct.

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Generally speaking, the version-specific tags should be used for cases when that specific version is important to understanding/answering the question. They should not be used to just pepper a question with more, seemingly-related tags. And certainly, tags for different versions than the asker is using are not valid.

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