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How to reproduce (tested on StackOverflow and SuperUser):

  1. Click "Ask question"
  2. Enter text containing one or more numbered links, e.g.

    StackExchange-based websites ([1], [2]) are great, because ...
  3. Put the cursor in the empty line before the links and use the "Insert Image" toolbar button to upload an image from your PC.

Expected result

The image is added as link [3].

Actual result

The pre-existing links are removed:

StackExchange-based websites ([1], [2]) are great, because ...
![enter image description here][1]



This issue does not occur if the links are given a name instead of just a number:

StackExchange-based websites ([StackOverflow][1], [SuperUser][2]) are great, because ...

One could argue that the unnamed variant is an unsupported feature (it's not mentioned in the markdown help page). Still, it's not nice to remove something that the user has written.

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