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I noticed that this answer was updated by the Community user to fix a presumably broken link:

Now though the text gives one address while the actual link is to another address. They started out the same; shouldn't the auto fixer detect this and change both at the same time?

I was tempted to edit the answer and fix it myself, but I thought the devs might appreciate seeing it in its original state.

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Normally, it would. However, this user had explicitly set the URL as the description of the link also (look at the side-by-side Markdown). If he had just entered the plain link and let the system automatically make it into a hyperlink, then editing it manually would not be necessary.

Really, this is an edge-case that just isn't worth looking at. This isn't normal behavior, as using that syntax you're expected to enter an actual description for the link, not enter the link itself again.

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That wasn't the auto-link fixer (which so far as I'm aware isn't actively fixing link just yet); that was an anonymous reader submitting an improvement.

But yeah, as animuson mentions, the way that link was set up would probably make life weird for automation as well.

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