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As I suggested in a comment, I am not in favor of rewriting History.

Or, the rep score shown next to a user is always the current one. It would be quite interesting to have the one at the posting time.

It may be in brackets, or in a tooltip in order no to be intrusive and to preserve the spirit of what is displayed currently : how the user is recognized now by the system.

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It's a form of information pornography; but yes, it is useful for all manner of number crunching and following users and their trek through the system. That's what I like about the idea -- that you could then have time-based metrics to solve all sorts of issues:

  1. What percentage of 'new' users ask Subjective questions?
  2. How does the nature of questions change as a user gets higher in rank?

Right now you could determine that through a lot of time-based analysis, but it would be complex. It would be nice to have this information de-normalized, even if just a tooltip when hovering over the question asker's name.

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Or simply just include it in the data dump but never display it. – Andreas Bonini Feb 21 '10 at 18:07

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