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My problem: I simply can't log into any Stack Exchange pages using SE credentials, Google credentials, FB credentials or anything else I've tried. When I try all that happens is that the browser loads up a empty page with a long query string added to the url.

The only way that I am able to post this question is that for some strange reason I was able to log in on by Linux machine, through Firefox the other day and have not dared to shut the session off.

This has, as far as I can figure, nothing to do with the following:

  1. Location/Network: This happens on 3G, at work and at home. There are no filters blocking any of these networks that could be the culprit.
  2. Operating systems: Not that they are a likely culprit, but this happens on Mac, Ubuntu 12.04 Linux and Windows 7.
  3. Browsers: Happens on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium and Opera (not tried on Opera for some time). I have no blocking add ons (adds etc) or filters. I have been unable to connect on a Linux machine running Firefox, unsynced, right after a fresh format/resetup. So there couldn't be anything hanging in the browser cache or anywhere else.

I am at a loss what could be causing this. Any help would be much appreciated!


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