There are now a lot of SE 2.0 sites, and many users on those sites might not even know about Stack Overflow or Meta.SO. If they have a question about the site, they ask it on their per-site meta, which is encouraged even if the question is not specific to that site.

This leads to a lot of duplication, and also prevents those users from finding answers to their questions on their own. If they search on their per-site meta, they won't find an answer on Meta.SO.

Requiring users to go to Meta.SO for network-wide issues is problematic on many levels, and something SE has strongly opposed, so this can't be the solution.

What I would propose is to make -questions on Meta.SO available on all per-site metas in some form. They should appear in search results on that per-site meta, but maybe not directly in the regular questions list but in some separate tab.

The exact list of questions that would be available across the network would need some refinement, SO-specific questions should be excluded. That could be achieved by splitting the FAQ-tag, or by only showing questions with FAQ but not the stackoverflow tag.

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And a simple one line at the end of the search result to point to those faqs would help "advertise" the faq –  Meer Borg Mar 13 '13 at 12:55
Can we just have the overall FAQ question only as the FAQ questions are not organised and confuse me, I dread to think what new users think of if –  Mark Mar 13 '13 at 13:28
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