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The chart to display the reputation of a user in its profile is cut off on the right side, so that the last bar is smaller than the others bars in the chart.

enter image description here

I check this with Chrome 25.0.1364.172 and FireFox 19.0.2.

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It's the correct width for half a day. :-) –  Bo Persson Mar 14 '13 at 8:49
@BoPersson or its a sliding window view that moves to the left when time increases –  Jehof Mar 14 '13 at 10:28
Given that the left most bar is also cut, I'm inclined to assume that this is a deliberate choice - but I will check. –  Marc Gravell Mar 14 '13 at 11:27
@MarcGravell: do you made changes to the chart? Cause bug seems to be fixed. –  Jehof Mar 15 '13 at 8:37
@Marc did you check it by now? It was just reported again. –  Shadow Wizard Jan 6 at 8:20
@AlienArrays it's 43 weeks by now, bit more than the standard 6-8 weeks we always have to wait. ;) –  Shadow Wizard Jan 6 at 8:26

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