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Today searching for jquery dynatree slow in IE lead to a result from Checking further, this has all the facebook posts.

So, are there such more sub-domains? First I thought the top tags would be having this feature, just doesn't seems to be there as I tried which is not present.

I also envisaged that this might the featured/sponsored tag that get the sub-domain, but even that is not the case as per my observation for another sponsored tag android (

I have been here for a year and never came across this site. I also don't see a link to this anywhere or a relevant blog post for this.

Would be great if someone could throw some light on this.

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No, facebook.SO is the only one. It's due to the collaboration between SO and Facebook to create a better environment for FB API devs.

However, there are a lot of other stackexchange subdomain sites (including android.SE, but that's not about android coding). These are separate sites (unlike facebook.SO, which is just a tag-filtered version of Stack Overflow)

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