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There is a dedicated SharePoint.StackExchange and yet users post their questions on Stack Overflow. Is there a way to encourage people to use SharePoint.StackExchange instead of Stack Overflow or advertise SharePoint.StackExchange to the users as they might not even know?

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If you see recent questions, you can always flag them for migration like "belongs to another SE site" – ruffp Jan 9 '14 at 8:16
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While the tagwiki states that Sharepoint questions have another, more appropriate home (as stated by Danny Beckett), it's also good to point such information out in comments if one happens upon such a question.

There's a remarkable disregard for what's written in tagwikis, in my experience, which is why I sometimes leave a friendly message that, while not entirely off-topic, they might have better luck at X or Y with their specific question.

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The tag-wiki excerpt for already begins:

For SharePoint-specific questions, please see the SharePoint Stack Exchange ( site.

I don't really see how that could be improved upon...

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