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My rep on SO went up by 50 just after the site was offline. It says that I get +50 for the question Object Technolgy / Object-Oriented Technology implemented in Relational Databases (deleted, 10K only) but I clearly didn't.

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You had previously offered a 50 point bounty on that question, which the system seems to have refunded you when the question was deleted.

There's a related Meta question asking about bounties on deleted questions, but it doesn't currently have an official response (although Shog's answer to another bounty question suggests this is ).

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Maybe it only refunds for questions preserving the reputation in the first place i.e. score +3 or more and visible for at least 60 days prior to deletion? That's the case with my question and this one as well. – Shadow Wizard Mar 19 '13 at 20:50

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