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I have two problems on Android:

  1. There is no search field in the mobile version of the site.
  2. android browser doesn't recognize the Tags when you ask new question.
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Android is operating system, not a browser. What browser you use on your Android driven device? – Shadow Wizard Mar 21 '13 at 7:54
Tried both the that comes with android and also firefox. – Dani Mar 30 '13 at 10:11
The question was to the "mobile" version of the site. @Manishearth did answer at least the 1st one... – Dani Mar 30 '13 at 10:14
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To answer (a), there is a search field, click the down arrow up top.

enter image description here

enter image description here

What do you mean by "android browser doesn't recognize the Tags"? Could you elaborate?

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Thanks, found the search field. Tags - I write them but the browser (firefox) doesn't make them grey and if I submit it fails as no tags are there.... – Dani Mar 30 '13 at 10:13

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