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As I have a bad-time with my dial-up (like I get logged out of SE sometimes if I refresh the page), I don't spend much time in chat this week. But, this had happened 3 times in chat. I chat with someone and after sometime, I get into the main site. When I'm in the site, I get notified by my inbox: 3 new replies (based on how much times I get pinged) which is totally ridiculous and it's annoying. I mean, I mostly suffocate before I enter into the chat room (due to my dial-up). And, this makes me suffocate more...

Proof, if you want require...

In h-bar, We also have a chat session once every two weeks. The chat notification says,
A chat session is going to start within 10 mins.

But in the main site, it says: visit our Physics chat session going on right now.

I don't know whether they both are correlated, but seems to me like a relationship. Can someone tell me more about this?

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They are hosted on separate servers, and so there's probably a synchronization time that you're experiencing. –  Richard J. Ross III Mar 23 '13 at 13:39

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