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I'm really interested in Careers, it seems like a very good way to find employers in the field of programming. My question is about using Careers for finding a job in web design, as opposed to web development. Would it be wise to use Careers for that, or is there an alternative better suited for web design?

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There's absolutely no harm in having your CV/resume on Careers; it doesn't cost you anything to do. Careers isn't just for programmers. I see some sysadmin and data jobs being advertised. If you're not wanting to be a programmer, though, you should probably expect there to be less jobs in the area you wish to enter.

Which brings me to my next point; if you're looking for a job go out and look. Don't rely on one website, whether it's Careers or your alternative.

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Thank you for your advise. The reason why I wanted to ask is because the 'invite only' model on Careers seems a bit intimidating for someone who is better at web design than development or programming. The reason why I want a Careers account is because it puts more emphasis on skills relevant to the area of work I'd like to go into, unlike Linkedin for example, which is a bit too generic for me. – user216620 Mar 24 '13 at 8:53

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