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I see often people tag questions like

And then ask a question about columns.

Because tags are oriented towards the people that will answer the question, and google searching is sufficient, I see tags as categories, so I would retag as:

That way people with wpf experience, and people with grid experience can help. You'd likely get more help from wpf programmers, but maybe someone with some Winforms grid experience pickup something others don't notice.

In my opinion, you shouldn't assign multiple tags within the same topic with varying levels of specificity. The tags you assign should be one per topic with the exact specificity you need to answer your question.

Another example of this way of tagging:

I've started to suggest that people do this in comments, and have even edited questions in this manner.

Before I continue!

Am I correct?

See my example edit

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All of the hyphenated tags you've mentioned are specific to the technology being used. They're fine. In fact, they're great. Tags that aren't ambiguous make the New Tag Deletionist Cabal very pleased. – Charles Mar 26 '13 at 17:44
@Charles It's not whether the tags are fine. If the wpf-datagrid tag has sufficient content to have people specialize in it then fine. However, c#-double doesn't have sufficient information to specialize in it, so I can't see it being a tag. My question isn't whether the tags should exist, but whether you should assign them all. If you think the question really relates to wpf-datagrid-columns, then that's the only tag you should use. – Lee Louviere Mar 26 '13 at 17:50
Well I guess I'm going to stop here. Because I think I carry a different philosophy on tagging. Thanks for answering. – Lee Louviere Mar 26 '13 at 20:41

Tagging should follow a simple formula:

Can you see someone following this tag on the site or through Google Reader their favorite RSS reader?

If the answer to that question is yes, it meets the most basic criteria for being a tag (there are other criteria). If that question is no, then the tag probably shouldn't exist. In this case, There are at least two tags that should not exist.

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I'm ok with the tags existing. I'm wanting to know if it's incorrect to assign them all. Tags should draw different crowds, and you should assign the correct specificity for each category. If you think that people specializing in grid can answer your question, include that tag. But don't overlap tags of varying specificity within the same topic area. Am I correct? – Lee Louviere Mar 26 '13 at 17:53

No, I don't think you're correct, not for that tag anyway. The wpf tag is huge. Over 60,000 questions. Tagging something with is handy, it will make it turn colour on the main screen for those who've marked it as an interesting tag, but it's just not enough. Leaving that behind and hauling in ambiguous tags like or will show the question to Java programmers, CSS people, iPhone developers and thousands more who know nothing about WPF and may even contribute misinformation in the form of comments or misguided answers.

For the huge tags like , it's actively a good thing to add another tag that starts wpf- to narrow it down to something people might actually be interested in and follow / not follow. I would addd the ambiguous (cross-platform, cross-language, cross-framework) tags only if there was nothing more specific available.

In a smaller tag like perhaps adding generic tags might be helpful. But do you think disable default keyevent of a button - windows 8 metro is helped by having added to the hugely generic ? I don't.

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But isn't the wpf-controls doing it a disservice? I don't expect that it adds much more information or draws that much of a different crowd. That's like having a lego lego-blocks. What else are you going to talk about? I see a need for c# and wpf because you can do wpf in another language, and you can do other things in c#. Otherwise, if you only want controls people to look at your question, then don't add the wpf at all, only use the wpf-controls tag. Again, this isn't about not having the tags, but about not tagging a single question with both. – Lee Louviere Mar 26 '13 at 20:36
choose too narrowly - say only wpf-datagrid-columns - and you miss the attention of someone who cares about of lot of WPF, but doesn't follow all the little tags. Choose too widely and you get answers from people who don't know the subject. Since we get 5 tags, using them for both the wide and narrow - wpf and wpf-datagrid-columns - hurts no-one and attracts the right crowd. – Kate Gregory Mar 26 '13 at 20:43
Yeah, but you add broad and narrow and you still attract the broad crowd, it's not a intersect, it's a union. So you still get the answers from people who don't know the subject. – Lee Louviere Mar 26 '13 at 21:13

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