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There's a link from the Mod Links section where Mods can ban users from reviewing. There's also a section which shows currently banned users.

Unfortunately, currently there's no place which lists previously review banned users. Can we have this just below the Currently Banned Users list? Preferably, with the number of times they've been banned(not mandatory, since we can get this piece from user history)

The intention is simple, at least on SU, we'd like to follow up on users who've been review banned previously to see if there's been any change in the pattern. While doing a check on a user who I was about to review ban, I had no idea that the user was review banned 5 times before, till slhck told me of it (via user history). Having a list makes for easy lookup on the users' review ban history

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Rather than having three lists and manually cross referencing, wouldn't it be better to request an indicator on the potential ban subjects that shows whether or not they've been previously banned? Realize I am just guessing here as I have no idea what info is displayed on that screen. – BinaryTox1n Mar 28 '13 at 15:34
@BinaryTox1n that ban list is to ban a user from all review lists - not a specific one – Sathya Mar 28 '13 at 15:35

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