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This happens quite often:

  1. Notice a question in the "related" pane that I have confirmed or know is a duplicate of this question
  2. Click on close → duplicate
  3. The duplicate is not on the list
  4. Right-click on the duplicate in the side bar and select "copy link address"
  5. Right-clicking outside the close dialog has hidden it
  6. Click on close → duplicate again
  7. Paste the duplicate's link to the input field

To make selecting duplicates from the side bar easier, I suggest that:

  • Right-clicking shouldn't close the dialog which would remove steps 5-6 and
  • Left-clicking should close the dialog only on mouseup instead of mousedown because doing it like this would be even more convenient.
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Why not copy the link before opening the close dialog? Though I'm pretty sure there's a feature request like that already. –  Second Rikudo Mar 31 '13 at 10:25
Because the question is just as often as not in the suggested duplicates list, and because I never remember to do that before the dialog is already open. –  Juhana Mar 31 '13 at 10:27

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I have had this a lot of times too. Now, I have started to hover over the related content link. It displays the link in status-bar(in Opera) and as a small pop-up status bar(in Chrome).

Manually typing the question code(number) is tiring and not worth it, but it is a walk-around method.


I would also like not to have my pop-up box closed and/or the related links should be listed under the duplicates.

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