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Last days I've noticed a few posts of users on Asp.Net Web Api that has a specific tag but that were tagged by the users by (what I call) 'low-level supertags'


My first instinct would be to replace the low-level tag with the more specific .

But on second thought I believe some people might be looking/following at the more low-level tags so I think that just adding the specific tag is viable too..

What's the general rule on this?

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You're right when you would replace with since it seems that web-api is a very basic tag. It doesn't add any great value to the question because I find it too wide, too generic.

When looking at related tags of :

It seems that most people use it in addition to* tag.

I think we could retag all questions (for example):


Job done.

I don't know what should be done with:

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+1 - good taxonomy. The proposed retagging makes sense to me (as an ASP.Net/MVC/Web API enthusiast). – Tim Medora Apr 4 '13 at 9:51

I once discussed this in another question. I repeat it here:

I disagree that there should be no "compound tags" in any circumstances. While I agree that the specific example and shouldn't be allowed, it's only because neither the individual tags nor the combination are acceptable for Stack Overflow. Where one or both of the tags can stand alone, however, a compound tag may be appropriate. Here are some examples:

Note that especially in the second example, two tags can combine to form a new concept. In the case of , the compound tag is useful to clarify the topic, since the tag can hardly stand alone.

In this case, just like "android-activity", I think it's appropriate to combine the two tags into "", since "web-api", unlike "", can hardly stand alone.

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