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I just picked a 'first answer' to review (, and I'm puzzled. When I go to the question (How to correctly export Weight and Bias value of Backpropagation neural network into another programming language (Java)), the 'answer' was deleted on 24th March 2013. Why am I asked to review it on 7th April 2013?

tail end of deleted 'answer'

I think this is a potential bug in the first post review queue queueing algorithm.

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It's just a review audit. – Mysticial Apr 8 '13 at 6:39
Oh — I suppose it could be a review audit. Not a very sensible one, though...well, not what I'd expect to be required to review. Oh well! – Jonathan Leffler Apr 8 '13 at 6:43
@JonathanLeffler Moderators have become quite strict when it comes to processing quality related flags to ensure these audits aren't fed incorrectly, but a few oddballs that are indecipherable without the full context of other answers in addition to the question do occasionally still creep in. The flags / deletion make sense, but only from a higher vantage point than review. If ever unsure, just skip. – Tim Post Apr 8 '13 at 6:58
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It's not a it's . This type of reviews are called as review audits.

From review audits FAQ:

First Posts and Late Answers - The test presents a reviewer with a post that was previously removed by a moderator and known to be of extremely poor quality (flagged as spam, not an answer or very low quality).

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