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Tag subscription gone question.

In the question shown avobe a hyperlink, tag subscription, was gone as a bug. Now the hyperlink is allways hidden, appears only if you "edit" favourite tags. the developer's comment is:

I believe the thinking was that it was only relevant if you had favorite tags and it made sense to only show them if one wanted to edit the favorites

I don't agree with the developer's point of view. I liked to see all my favourite tags together in one page, were all the SE pages with the tag appeared, etc.

I think that the "advanced tag subscription", how is now called, should always be shown.

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That's not really a moderator he's a developer for Stack Exchange who is responsible for that feature in the first place. Please edit your question, just ask to change the existing behavior and tag it as feature request. (otherwise you won't get much support, I fear) – Shadow Wizard Apr 8 '13 at 8:52

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