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When I am logged in to any Stack Exchange site, many (all?) of the JavaScript features do not work. I am unable to view my inbox or view more comments, autosuggestions for tags do not work, and I am unable to view my question as it will finally appear while typing it. I am getting the error

Expected ')'
Line: 166
Char: 336

This error started today and does not occur on other Stack Exchange sites. I am using Internet Explorer 8 (I know, I know... I can't change it for now).

Why could this be?

For some reason, this applies on every Stack Exchange site except Meta Stack Overflow. Other Stack Exchange meta sites do not work.

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Clear your browser cache. – Shadow Wizard Apr 9 '13 at 19:58

The problem was that I was running in compatibility mode on Internet Explorer 8, which is, apparently, unsupported.

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