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There is a question over at SO that have a scrollbar inside the code block. This question may seem to be a duplicate of this meta question but it's not. Having read the explanation given by Shog9, I looked into the source of the posted code in SO. The posted code was properly enclosed in <pre><code>. So I investigated further and at first couldn't find anything suspicious. Until I copied the entire code into a notepad and copied it over again in SO and then the problem showed up. The code is no longer formatted properly - meaning that the tabs and break lines went away. This is not the case when you copy a properly formatted code from SO, copy it to notepad, and copy it back again.

To fix the issue, I have to copy to VS then copy it over again to SO. Then the double scrollbar went away.

So what I'm really reporting here and asking at the same time is that, what are the special characters that could cause the "scroll bar inside the code block"? And should that be automatically removed when the question is saved?

I hope nobody edits that question so someone at SE can take a look at it and do the necessary fix. I mean it's easy to edit that post, and nobody post a code that will cause that issue to happen, not every time at least. The chances of it showing up again maybe so little, but a bug is still a bug that must be dealt with isn't it.

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Even if edited the post history will still show the problem. – Martijn Pieters Apr 11 '13 at 10:16
Well yeah, I totally forgot about it, knowing I know how to edit post. Thanks for reminding me though :) – von v. Apr 11 '13 at 10:19
Note: I did edit it. Changing the "manual" pre and code tags to standard markdown formatting "fixed" this. A link to the problematic revision is – Bart Apr 11 '13 at 10:20
You beat me to it @Bart :) – von v. Apr 11 '13 at 10:25

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