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Would it be useful to have an on-post link to the review queue when the post still has to be reviewed? It could look like this (notice the button in the bottom right):

enter image description here

Of course, a tiny link would do to (perhaps next to add comment or the share/edit/flag links).

What problem would this solve?

Sometimes, I review posts where someone else has edited out the useless text already, or commented with a request for code, or explained why it is off topic. The review task actually has been done by that other person, and I think he would deserve the review count instead of me. With a button, you'd immediately notice when a post needs reviewing, and you can decide for yourself whether you want that or not.

This also helps reviewing posts earlier, which can be useful on sites with a small reviewing community (I'm not sure if there are any), and of course is extra service to the (new) user.

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