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While reviewing a suggested close vote, one option was to resolve as duplicate of How can I parse XML using Java?. This question starts with a code block of XML source, however the summary of the question in the list of suggested duplicates showed the source &lt; and &gt; entities rather than < and > characters, so it looked as if they were getting encoded twice.


enter image description here

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Reproduced. To clarify, this only occurs in the alternate list that shows up when there are already suggested duplicates on the question. Using the search box does not create the error.

Default view with suggested duplicates:

Default View

Searching for the same question:

Search View

And of course, the lucky review item that let me reproduce this.

Code is supposed to get completely stripped there. It shouldn't even reach the stage of being encoded. Obviously that is not being done for the first view.

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This problem still exists for me. While marking a question as a duplicate, this question got suggested as a possible duplicate. The first character seems to be double-encoded, while the last character is fine.

First character double-encoded

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