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On a number of occassions this week, when I click save edit on posts that I am currently reviewing in the first post or late answer review queue on Stack Overflow, I am not returned to the review actions page correctly and this I cannot complete the review.

Instead, it returns me to the review page but just says Loading.... It doesn't actually load if I leave it for a while though. If I refresh it one or two times, it usually then loads the review.

Does this happen to anyone else? To reproduce, review as normal and when you see a post in need of editing, do the edit and save it. Not sure if it effects >2k users as all my edits are submitted as suggested edits.

Edit: This process is working fine today. For this reason, I'm changing the tag from bug to discussion. I'm leaving the question here in case anyone else experiences similar issues.

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This happens to me occasionally. It usually happens when I am doing all kind of things in the background, and I can only assume it is timing out. Somehow I never have the dev console open to check this though. – Sumurai8 Apr 12 '14 at 13:01

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