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According to the most recent responses I have 3 answers to a question. But when I go to the actual question there are only 2.

On the most recent responses I can see the first 2 lines of an answer from Marc Gravell, it would be very nice to see the rest. Feels like watching a film on VHS, where they say "the killer is " and then you run out of tape.

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That rascal Marc deleted his answer, and as devinb notes, this'll kinda screw with the recent activity. Don't worry about it - most likely, Marc felt the existing answers better answered the question.

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If a user adds an answer and then deletes it, it will appear in your "recent events" but will not appear on your question anymore.

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Dupe: See this link.

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Add a comment to the question next time. – Brad Gilbert Aug 26 '09 at 16:04
Why? There is no concensus on whether dupe links should be comments or answers (as has been discussed before). I think answers are where they should be put, since that will bring more peoples attention to the dupe. – Lance Roberts Aug 26 '09 at 16:21

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