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I noticed that Community♦ user was active recently(I lost 4 reps on SO and gained 4 on MSO) so I just checked the profile for him/her/it.

First of all, I just noticed that only Area51 account was being listed under the SE accounts section. Then I further noticed that it was because our dear "Community" has earned 2 bronze badges on Area51(namely Advocate and Filibuster).

So, how can it be so that it can earn badges only at Area51 and not on SO/MSO or other sister sites for the same actions?


On Stack Overflow


On Meta Stack Overflow

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The code for Area51 branched off from the SE code years ago. It does not behave the same in many aspects; I guess one of them is its way of handling the badge scripts.

Remember, this is not the user upvoting; rather it is the user owning certain votes on account deletions/etc

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